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Get Crafty! DIY Pom Pom Flowers

DIY Pom Flowers | Hey Love Designs

Hello, friends!

I've been a little MIA on the blog mostly because I've been so busy! Thankfully it's good busyness, but I really do hate neglecting my blog. My goal this year was to post more regularly, and I'm already slacking!

So one of the things that's been occupying my time is I'm planning a series of monthly "Craft Ups." Basically I love any excuse to gather friends and people with similar interests, and have always wanted to bring more craft opportunities to the local community. I've been brainstorming ideas and this past weekend I hosted a [private] open house to gather friends and brainstorm ideas. I kept the invite list pretty small and only to people I know personally as it was hosted in my private residence. The goal is to grow it enough to hold in public space...

Anyway, more on that in another post.

So because I couldn't have a Craft Up without a craft, I decided to show my friends how to make pom pom flowers during all of our gabbing. Trust me when I say, this is probably one of the easiest crafts you will ever make and it involves very minimal supplies.


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Pom pom flowers make a great bouquet, are cute adorned on top of a gift, or you can even string a few together for fabulous bunting as decoration!

Ooooh. GIF-y... | Hey Love Designs

Okay so I learned how to make animated GIFs on Photoshop...

Supplies Needed:

  • Yarn
  • Floral Wire, Pipe Cleaners, Straws, Branches, any kind of stick
  • Wire Cutters (if using floral wire)
  • Scissors

Pom Pom Flowers: Wrap Around 3 Fingers | Hey Love Designs

1. Take your yarn of choice and wrap it around 3 fingers 50-75 times. I like my flowers nice and full so I always wrap the yarn at least 70 times around. Be sure not to wrap too tightly or you will end up with blue fingers! There's no method to wrapping. Just wrap it around and around. To make them smaller, use two fingers. Two make them larger, use four fingers. Adjust the amount of times you wrap the yarn around your fingers accordingly. Fuller is always better in my opinion.

Pom Pom Flowers | Hey Love Designs

2. When you're done wrapping, cut the yarn, then carefully slide the yarn off of your fingers, trying to keep it in the same shape as it was on your fingers. Then cut a piece of yarn about 6-7 inches and lay your wrapped yarn on top of the short string (not through the yarn).


3. Tie the ends of the short string together and pull tight. To make it even more secure, knot it twice.

Pom Pom Flowers | Hey Love Designs

4. Snip the ends of the loops to create your "petals." Cut all the way around and make sure you cut every loop, except for the one holding them all together, of course.

Pom Pom Flowers | Hey Love Designs


5. Puff up your pom flower so it's nice and full, and then go around it with your scissors, trimming the ends until it looks nice and round.

Pom Pom Flowers | Hey Love Designs

6. When you're done, just jam a stick up it! Just kidding, take your floral wire and gently poke it through the pom pom. It may take a few times to find a nice secure spot, and if you want it even more secure, add a dot of glue. One of my friends told us she made a loop at the end of the wire to help secure it to the pom pom.

Pom Pom Flowers | Hey Love Designs

Enjoy your new pom pom flower! I think it looks cuter with a bow tied around the stem or tie a few together into a mini bouquet.

P.S., I just got a new camera lens and I'm digging it so far! The shutter is a little slow (a known con based on reviews) but I am liking it so far as an alternative to my "nifty-fifty" lens which is better for portraits.

Have you been up to any fun DIY projects lately? Are you super intrigued in my plans for monthly Craft Ups?


Get Crafty! Fun With Washi Tape

Fun With Washi Tape | Hey Love Designs

I've always thought washi tape, decorative paper tape, was so cool. I've seen photos all over craft and design blogs using this little whimsical tape and I wanted to get my hands on them. I know, they can be bought online but I was being stubborn, plus I like being able to see things in person.

When I heard they were at Target, I was all over it. Target sells washi tape in sets of 4 in several colors. I bought the blue and green sets and was excited to start using them.

But then I was stumped. What do people do with washi tape?

Fun With Washi Tape | Hey Love Designs

Being the creative person I am, and lots of cruising on Pinterest, it wasn't long before I knew exactly what to do with my new goodies.

Decorate Gadgets With Washi Tape | Hey Love Designs

Decorate your gadgets.

Seal Your Packages With Washi Tape | Hey Love Designs

Seal envelopes and packages.

Label Things With Washi Tape | Hey Love Designs

Label household items.

Wrap Gifts With Washi Tape | Hey Love Designs

Wrap gifts.

Decorate Business Cards With Washi Tape | Hey Love Designs

Decorate cards.

Do you use washi tape? What do you like to do with it? The possibilities are endless!


Doodle Calligraphy

Doodle Calligraphy | Hey Love Designs

Happy New Year, everyone!! I hope your 2013 is already off to a good start. Mine is!

So, last year I took a stab at "calligraphy" when I addressed my holiday cards. I was so excited with how the cards turned out that I was determined to sit down and practice calligraphy. Maybe one day I would offer it as a service! I ran out to Paper Source and bought a calligraphy kit and...

It sat on my desk, unopened, for a year. Oops.

For this year's cards, I knew I still wanted to have fun addressing my cards but my tradition of procrastinating in ordering cards left me with no time to teach myself calligraphy. So once again, I decided to fake it.

This is what I call "Doodle Calligraphy." | Hey Love Designs

I took the tips from this blog post on "faux calligraphy" then tried my hand at it. I took my usual cursive and added the tips to make it look like calligraphy. I even added a few hand-drawn banners for extra flair. The result? It's what I like to call "doodle calligraphy." It doesn't quite look like the real thing, but it's my own personal unique style. I like it!

Doodle Calligraphy on My Holiday Cards | Hey Love Designs

I'm really pleased with how my holiday cards turned out and even more about how I packaged them up. Brown kraft envelopes, my doodle calligraphy, and on the back, my fun calligraphy stamp and to seal the deal, fun washi tape. If you got this in the mail and it didn't scream "Michelle!" then you don't know me at all!! Just kidding. :)

Holiday Cards | Hey Love Designs

Will I ever offer addressing envelopes as a service? Sure, if people like my calligraphy... and if they don't mind that I don't write in straight lines. Over the summer I helped my friend address her wedding invitations and I just felt so much pressure. Not from her, but just feeling like it needed to be perfect. When I address my own stuff, if I make a mistake or the address is off center, no biggie. I'd still like to break open my calligraphy kit and take a stab at the real deal, but right now I'm perfectly happy with my doodle calligraphy. :)


Real Parties: Vintage Housewife Bridal Shower

Thank you to everyone who has been understanding of my needing to take a break last week. Now let me show you one of the many reasons why! I had the honor of being in charge of decorations for one of my bestie's bridal shower. The theme was vintage housewives, so I took the idea and just ran with it!

This purple fringe backdrop was my favorite thing to make. It can be time consuming, but it added such a nice touch to the shower, plus it made a fun background for photos! I've always wanted to have something like this and was happy at how ridiculously easy it was to put together. I'll have a tutorial coming soon! Here's the tutorial!

To make the shower "housewife-y" I decided to have kitchen tools scattered around as part of the decor. I hauled over my KitchenAid stand mixer (hey, it's heavy!) and filled it with flowers and rolling pins. I also wanted to highlight the bride's new last name so I wrapped a giant N in purple yarn. Oh by the way, her wedding colors are black, purple, and green and the bridal party and I decided to use her colors, but show a softer, girlier side of it.

For the favors we turned to good ol' IKEA (also where I got the rolling pins for cheap). Each bundle of 3 wooden utensils cost only 49 cents! What a steal, right? You really can't get any favors for this cheap. They are pretty good quality and we just tied it all together with the purple yarn and added a tag that said "Cosette's Bridal Shower." We also used Mason Jars to hold daisies (also a cheap find at the grocery store) and scattered them on various tables at the party.

No vintage houswife theme shower would be complete without these witty sayings! I've always loved the Anne Taintor magnets and notepads, so I found images from around the web and framed them. The chocolate covered acai berries (yum!) needed bowls so we decided cocktail glasses would be perfect! We also scattered these around the room.

Have you ever had an idea then when you put it into action it's just a complete fail? When I dreamed up what the shower would look like I was terrified it would turn out all wrong. Well the exact opposite happened - everything came together so nicely! I'm so glad I had such a great team to work with (C picked out an awesome bridal party!) and that everything meshed so well together.

UPDATE: Want to learn how to create this backdrop? You're in luck! The tutorial is right here.