New Products to Help You GSD

Hi Friends! I'm not sure if it's obvious, but one of my mantras in life is "Get shit done," also known as "GSD." I get in these moments when I just haul ass and knock things off my to do list, or I'm so focused on something that I have to finish it before I move onto the next thing. It's super motivating.

Recently I decided to really get the blog back up and swinging and find more sources of income for Hey Love Designs. I'm not trying to get rich through my blog - I may have mentioned that I don't really make money through this blog or my shop - but I like to at least make enough money to keep my site up and running and to pay for the supplies needed to craft so I can share them with you. I just want to break even so I can inspire readers to live creatively.

From paper to canvas, Michelle's first attempt at hand-lettering on a canvas | Hey Love Designs

Recently I scribbled this on a canvas and I love seeing it everyday before I walk out of my apartment. Then I decided to turn it into a print!

 Get Shit Done Downloadable Print from the Hey Love Designs Etsy Shop

This instant download is available on Etsy and you can print it to any size. Get in the zone and knock out that to do list. It's only 5 bucks and you can print it as often as you'd like.

In the spirit of spreading my mantra all over the web, I decided to try my hand at making cell phone cases, too.

I'm suuuuuuper picky about cell phone cases. Since I got my iPhone 6, I have been using "stand in" cheap cases before shelling out money for one that I just love. In the past I've designed my own case, including one to match this very website (I'm weird, I know).

Get Shit Done Phone Case from Casetify | Hey Love Designs

When I found out you can design your own cases on Casetify and sell them, I thought, "Perfect. I can design my own case and offer some to the masses!" I've since made a few on Casetify for your purchasing pleasures! To sweeten the deal, get $10 off with code 67G6CK.

In case you need even more motivation to get shit done, I made a GSD playlist on Spotify. Tunes to help you knock those tasks out!

What are some of your tricks to GSD?