Happy National Watermelon Day! + Free Printable

Hi friends!

I'm a little obsessed with watermelon. I probably buy at least one personal watermelon every week and if I don't it's watermelon popsicles or lemonade. Summer doesn't help, because when it's hot, all I want is to eat watermelon. I could probably eat a whole one in one sitting.

When I heard there were people out there who didn't like watermelon, I was baffled. WHO DOESN'T LIKE WATERMELON! Instead of judging my friends for this travesty, I remembered that just means more watermelon for me. :)

Today happens to be National Watermelon Day (by whatever higher power determined these kinds of food holidays) so you know I was well equipped with watermelon art! But sadly, no watermelons to eat. I better pick one up on the way home from work.

I've been dabbling with watercolor art, since I already have the tools from all the watercolor hand lettering I've been practicing. Naturally, I found painting food was a good thing to practice on. Download my watercolor watermelon art for Instagram or as a desktop background!

Square | Desktop

I was able to set the "desktop" image as my iPhone background. So fun!

Are you a watermelon fan? If not, what refreshing summer fruit do you love?