iPhone Burst Mode is My Best Friend

Hi Friends! So one of the fun things about Los Angeles is that there is awesome art everywhere. There are walls covered in murals. Some are a little nuts for my taste, but my favorites are the ones that are full of color and make great backdrops. And somehow I've made a habit of jumping in front of them.

 Get a Great Action Shot Using iPhone Burst Mode | Hey Love Designs

Arts District - Traction Ave.

Get a Great Action Shot Using iPhone Burst Mode | Hey Love Designs

Abbot Kinney Blvd & San Juan Ave

Jumping photos aren't a new thing. I've been doing this for years. But in years past, I've had to rely on whoever was taking the photo to expertly catch me and my friends at the right time. This is tough because you can't really ask a stranger to spend more than a couple minutes taking a billion photos trying to time the jumps correctly. Just asking them to take one photo sometimes feels like a burden!

Then I learned late last year that my iPhone had a "burst mode" setting. Basically, like an actual camera on continuous shooting mode, you hold down the camera shutter button (the big white circle on your screen) and it will take multiple shots in a row. iPhone will then pick what it thinks is the best photo, but you are allowed to select your favorites.

iPhone Burst Mode | Hey Love Designs

This is what it looks like after you take the photo. I guess iPhone thinks my "on the ground" photo was the best one, haha. Click "Select" to look at all of the photos from the burst.

iPhone Burst Mode | Hey Love Designs

Preview all the photos from the burst, and then select the ones you want to keep. It's fun being able to scroll through each photo. It's like a stop motion animation!

iPhone Burst Mode | Hey Love Designs

If all you care about is just getting the best shot, choose "Keep Only..." and it will save the ones you choose to your Camera Roll. If you want to save all the photos to do a cool project, choose "Keep Everything" and it will save each photo individually to your Camera Roll. If you just want to keep all the burst photos in one place, choose Cancel.

If you're wondering what "cool project" I referenced, I learned how to make a GIF! If you have Google+ and upload a bunch of photos that look alike (in this instance, your chosen burst photos), then it will do some magic and turn it into a GIF thanks to Auto-Awesome!

Jumping at the Paul Smith Wall in Los Angeles (GIF!) | Hey Love Designs

Click here to learn how to make GIFs with Auto-Awesome in Google+. Not a Google+ user? Here's how to do it if you're Photoshop-savvy.

So there you have it! If you want to capture action shots, then Burst mode is your best friend. Depending on how fast your subject is moving, the photos may be blurry, but it's definitely cool to make sure you catch the right moment. Just make sure you have lots of space on your phone, or delete often.