Get Crafty! How to Make a Miniature Piñata

Hi Friends! I've been extra craft this week now that I'm back at my friend's house in San Diego, where everything I brought from Virginia is housed. I've been able to reach into my crafty box of tricks and take over her dining room with craft projects. What does that mean for you? I've got a fresh new tutorial for you!

How to Make a Miniature Piñata | Hey Love Designs

Meet, this wee zebra. Or is he still a donkey? No wait, he's a ZONKEY! And he's a miniature piñata!

When I was done making him, I squealed in delight. I mean, HOW CUTE is this guy?!?

How to Make a Miniature Piñata | Hey Love Designs

All right, here's what you need to make your own li'l fella. You can apply this to make any shape piñata, but I have a template for download to make this specific piñata. This may take up an hour to complete.

Supplies Needed:

  • Soft cardboard (cereal boxes are perfect)
  • Scissors
  • Streamers or Tissue Paper
  • Tape
  • Glue


How to Make a Miniature Piñata | Hey Love Designs

001. If you need a guide, download my piñata template and cut it out. Use it to trace onto soft cardboard. Cereal boxes work best but you can also use an old shoe box or regular cardboard. You will need to cut 2 cardboard pieces of the donkey.

002. Cut a few 1-2" thick strips to connect both sides of the donkey together. It doesn't need to be one long strip. I got by cutting multiple strips out of the leftover cereal box.

003. Using strong tape like packing tape or masking tape, join the edges of one donkey cutout to the strips of paper. Outline the whole donkey piece with the strips, leaving room for a flap, if you choose to fill it with candy later.

004. If you want to hang your piñata, cut 2 holes near the top and tie string on.

005. Now attach the second side of the donkey to the strips, taping all the way around. Now you've got your donkey structure!

006. Take your roll of streamers, take about 6" of streamers at a time, folding it in half and cutting little fringes. You can do this with regular scissors but my awesome Martha Stewart fringe scissors made the job much easier. I wouldn't buy them specifically for this project, but if you have it handy, use it! I also chose to use zebra striped streamers, which automatically made my donkey and zonkey.

007. Starting at the base of the piñata, glue or tape each strip to the bottom, and then start winding your way up. You can be a little haphazard with this. I actually found that when the lines were too straight, it didn't look as fun.

And that's it! Now you have an awesome tiny piñata!

How to Make a Miniature Piñata | Hey Love Designs

Here's Zonkey with his friend, Weedonkadonk. According to Target, he is an "Extra Mini Pinata." "Extra Mini" - I love that!

I probably will use Zonkey for pure decorative purposes. He is too fun to beat with a stick. How will you use your mini piñata?