Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend | Hey Love Designs Hi Friends!

Here's to finishing another week! Did you have any time off with the snow? Are you stranded at home with your kids all week (if so, I wish you all the patience and vodka in the world!)? I'm so glad this week is over. We are getting closer to spring!

Here are some great links I read this week:

And on Hey Love Designs:

What do you have in store for the weekend? I'm taking my parents to see Shen Yun at the Kennedy Center. Funny story: I heard about the show through a friend and a booth at an event, and thought "I should take my parents!" as an early anniversary, Vietnamese New Year, Valentine's Day, throw any other nearby holiday in here gift. After a second thought, I decided it was probably better just do to a date night with mom. Turns out, she wants to drag dad along since they've both never been to the Kennedy Center and she thinks he will enjoy it after all. We'll see!

I'll also be celebrating my youngest brothers' birthday with family and teaching my usual Sunday classes. Whee!