Introducing... Monthly Pinterest Project Challenges!

Hi Friends! We all have a ton of awesome projects that we pinned to our Pinterest boards but haven't gotten around to, right? I can tell you that I myself have over 200 pins on my "DIY" board alone! I thought it would be a fun idea to issue a challenge: stop farting around and work on one (or more!) of the projects we have pinned to Pinterest.

I'm certainly not the first to come up with this idea. This challenge is inspired by Young House Love, to get off our butts and work on a project! The project can be large or small and if you're super motivated, you can challenge yourself to do more than one project. Just do something! Every month, we'll meet on my blog and share our projects. All hail blog love!

Monthly Pinterest Challenge with Hey Love Designs

The first party will be December 1st. You may post any Pinterest-inspired project that you made in November. You have one week to add up to 3 links before submissions will be closed. Just for fun, I'll share some of my favorite projects that are posted!

This is my first time hosting a link party, so the guidelines may evolve over time.

As we prepare for the first link party on Hey Love Designs, here are the rules to keep in mind:

  1. Choose a project - craft, home hacks, recipe, etc - that you found on Pinterest. When you blog about it, be sure to cite the originator of the project. Then come to the link party and strut your stuff!
  2. The link party will be held on the 1st of every month and you have one week to link up before submissions are closed.
  3. New projects only, so please do not post something that's more than a month old.
  4. You may post up to 3 projects each month.
  5. When linking to your project in the link party, please use a short description of your project under "Name" (so don't put your actual name) and for the "URL" put the exact post you are linking. (Not just, for example.)
  6. Don't have a blog? No problem! You can link to a tweet, Facebook post, Flickr, etc. Anything that has a URL you can point us to.
  7. Please share the love! Tweet, blog, and share the link to our monthly link party (badge code will be provided) and please visit a few of the other posts linked here and leave a comment telling the person how much you love their project!
  8. Have fun!

Let me know if you'll be joining us and tell me what project you're thinking about doing in the comments section below. See you December 1st!

Happy pinning. :)