District Flea

Hi Friends! I have a confession: I have not felt creative at all these past few months. After the excitement of my blog makeover, I hit a huge writers' block. It happens. I'm not sorry. I just wish it didn't take me this long to get out of my funk! In this time life got hectic as usual (it's birthday season around here) and right on cue during the midst of all this, I got sick. It happens this way every year.

Last week I got inklings to glitterize a pumpkin. I knew I was getting my groove back. I even spent Saturday night in crafting away. I'm back, baby! I also checked out District Flea, so I think that helped really jump start my creative batteries.

District Flea is based on the Brooklyn Flea up in New York and is near the U St. Metro station. It brings together lots of vintage goodies, crafts, and artisan foods. When I heard how awesome it was, I was determined to check it out and thankfully my friend Kaoru was game.

At first I was a bit underwhelmed - the parking lot was a lot smaller than I thought, but I quickly learned it's not about size, it's about quality! One of the first vendors my friend and I saw made these adorable chalkboards, photo boards, and mason jars. Can you see why I was naturally inclined to come here first?

District Flea | Hey Love Designs

They were selling these for fairly reasonable prices ($30-40) range, but I couldn't help but think, "I can make these!" And make them, I will.

District Flea | Hey Love Designs

These antique pieces really make me yearn for a bigger home or an office. I love this card catalog because I could store so many of my various craft supplies in there. Glitter in one drawer, punches in another - the possibilities are endless! The desk and stools in the background would make a great craft workstation as well.

District Flea | Hey Love Designs

Think of all the letters you could write with this old typewriter. And if it isn't obvious why I really like this - it's aqua colored!

District Flea | Hey Love Designs

If you're an avid collector of old books, these will be right up your alley. They're so delicate and vintage. I can imagine having an entire wall devoted to books. I don't even care what they're about. They just look great together!

District Flea | Hey Love Designs

Letterpress heaven! One day I'll be able to own and operate my own letterpress and I'll be scouring these trays for letters. I tried to find a giant "M" for decoration but alas, I couldn't find one.

District Flea | Hey Love Designs

True story: As we were walking through the flea market, Kaoro said, "Look, there are macarons." I literally stopped in my tracks and ran over. I love macarons! And at a flea market? I felt like a cool hipster that discovered anything before anyone else did.

These macarons from DC Patisserie are amazing. They're perfectly delicate and crisp on the outside and the ganache in the middle was a-mah-zing! I'm glad I grabbed a box of 5: 2 pumpkin (one for Kaoru!), pistachio, mint chocolate, and sea salt caramel. I may or may not have had two for breakfast this morning. :)

Alexandrine, the owner, is also very charming and we quickly bonded over the Harmless Harvest coconut water I was carrying around. It's seriously the best coconut water in the world!

District Flea | Hey Love Designs

It was great to see our friends Whisked! at District Flea as well. Jenna is awesome and you really can't decline her tasty cookies and pies. She even has fun sized pies!

I also chatted up with a nice gentleman at The Captain's Vintage who was selling vintage Polaroid cameras. All of a sudden I wanted one, and they were even reasonably priced! Maybe the next time I'm there I'll pick one up...

We took a break and grabbed some lunch. I finally had a lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound food truck stand and Kaoru had kim chi grilled cheese. We parked ourselves at a table and chairs provided by Miss Pixie's and just soaked in the atmosphere. I loved it. I felt like I was living and breathing DC. We chatted with Mary El and her friend and I felt like I was actually a DC-er. We chatted about love, life, food, everything.

In addition the the vendors, it was really awesome seeing the hipsters! I never really knew what being a hipster was until I saw them walking around. The hair! The shoes! The plaid! The giant nerd glasses! They're fashion choices are so unique! I regret not taking photos of people, but how do you do that without being creepy?

I'm definitely glad I trekked it out to U St. and got to enjoy some of what DC has to offer.

Have you been to District Flea yet? It runs every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through November 30. Check out more information at www.districtflea.com, though the website doesn't do it much justice.