Blog Redesign is a Go!

Hi Friends!

I've got a rare weekend post for you once again. I am working on a blog redesign!

For a long time I've wanted to change up my blog, but I wasn't sure where to start. I've had the same template for 3 years now, and while I've given the blog tiny little facelifts like fonts, colors, images, logos, and widgets, I wanted to give it a huge overhaul.

Hey Love Designs Calligraphy Logo

I also knew I wanted to do a brand makeover. My calligraphy logo that I've been using is nice but I knew it was temporary. It just took me some time to figure out what I wanted before I could finally get into motion.

Have you ever seen the branding boards by Saffron Avenue? Angela designs blogs and puts out these "branding boards" that shows the concepts that go behind blog design and brands. It's a great way to visualize how someone's blog or brand is tied together with logos, colors, fonts, and patterns. I'm completely obsessed, as I've pinned many of her designs onto my "Design Love" board.

It's the first thing you should figure out before you set out to redesign your blog. It doesn't have to be as organized as a branding board, but to be able to pull together how I want my website to look ahead of time really helped make the process so much easier.

I knew I wanted to add in my hand drawn elements (aka "doodle calligraphy"), my favorite colors like turquoise and grey (::sings:: "The colors that we wear..." Any ZTAs out there? The color love is a total coincidence.), and to just make the whole page flow with pretty. When I started Hey Love Designs I wanted to make it gender neutral so that I could appease to male clients as well, but let's face it, I'm a girly girl through and through. I want this website to show me more.

So, I spent all day - yes, during my staycation - brainstorming what I wanted, doodling some logos, and this brand board was born:

Hey Love Designs Branding Board

So, what do you think? Does it totally look like me? Some minor elements may change but I'm really happy with the new logo, alternate logo, the colors, everything! So if my site looks a little weird over the new few days, week, month, it's because I'm in the background chipping away at my blog redesign.

I'm also looking into this Wordpress theme and am going to modify the hell out of it (thank goodness for my minor knowledge in HTML and CSS!).

It's now 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday night and I haven't eaten since lunchtime. I should probably take a break for dinner and work on the blog redesign tomorrow. But let's face it, I'll probably try to do it all tonight because I have no patience and I'm crazy.

Have you ever given your blog an overhaul?