Get Crafty! How to Make Fabric Tassels

How to Make Fabric Tassels | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends!

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm working on a little fireplace makeover project. I already painted the mantle and there's a second phase coming. In the meantime, I added little decorative elements using one of my favorite party decor items - garland!

I wanted to share how I made these lovely fabric tassels. I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculously easy it is to make these.

For serious, let me just show you in photo, Pin-tastic form!

How to Make Fabric Tassels | Hey Love Designs

For those of you who prefer more detailed instructions:

1. Supplies

  • "Fat Quarters" - these are 1/4 yard fabric samples that most craft stores sell near their regular fabric. I was able to cut 2 pieces for the tassels. If you are using any other type of fabric, my fabric ended up measuring 11x18".
  • Scissors
  • Sturdy string - I used yarn because it was readily available

2. Take your fabric and fold in long ways. Cut strips about 1/2 an inch apart, leaving about an inch near the fold. Cut away 2 small strips for later.

3. When you're done, unroll the fabric with the short end nearest you. Flatted out the strips and then roll the fabric away from you.

4. Take the roll and join the loose ends together. Thread one of the spare strips you reserved earlier through the loop. This will be used to tie the tassels onto string later.

5. Take the other strip of fabric and use it to tie the tassel loop closed. I tie it tight, wrap the loose ends around a few times, then double knot it.

6. Your tassels are ready to hang onto your string of choice! I find having that spare trip up top prevents you from having to loop each tassel through the string and it offers a tighter and more secure fit on your string.

It's really that easy! I've also made these with tissue paper as well. If you have the patience, you can iron the fabric out before cutting. It removes all of those fold lines.

Have you made tassels before? Not only do these make great decor but they're a great addition to parties!

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