My Favorite Photo Apps

My Favorite Photo Apps | Hey Love Designs Hi Friends!

It's no secret that I love taking photos. Did you know that I prefer editing mobile photos on my phone over Photoshop? I guess it's just the ease of doing it all in my hands, versus having to import the photos to tweak on the computer.

I've had a few people ask what my favorite photo apps are as well as what my work flow is like, so I thought I would share!

Most Used Photo Apps

Smoothie Photo Edited With Snapseed | Hey Love Designs


I do 90% of my editing in Snapseed. The app is great because it lets you adjust the brightness, contract, saturation, white balance (important!), and even add some ambiance. Oooh, ambiance. I don't know what "ambiance" is exactly, but something magical happens when you adjust your photo to add a little bit of it. Snapseed also has other tools such as filters, crop, frames, and much more. I mostly use the basic editing tools to crop, brighten, and add contrast.

Over App | Hey Love Designs


Next, if I want to add some overlays, I'll turn to Over. Over lets you add text or artwork over your photos to give it an extra oomph. This app costs money but it's well worth it. If you're adding multiple "layers" you can select them again to move them, resize them, etc. They also have font and artwork packs you can purchase. I especially love Fresh Exchange Pack by Megan Gilger. It reminds me of my doodle calligraphy.

A Beautiful Mess Photo App | Hey Love Designs

A Beautiful Mess

If I'm feeling funky and fresh or want to make my photos extra cute, then I'll use A Beautiful Mess over Over. This app was created by one of my favorite blogging sisters and they had Instagram in mind when pulling the app together. Which means all your photos are square and they have fun doodles and fonts. If I want to preserve the original photo dimensions (aka, not square) then I'll stick with Over, but A Beautiful Mess is definitely more fun.

Just don't go overboard. I've seen some pretty awful photos that clearly someone was having too much fun adding doodles and frames, resulting in a busy and tacky looking photo.

They also have extra packs you can purchase.


When all is done, I post to Instagram. By the time I'm done in Snapseed, I don't usually need to use a filter, so I don't really use Instagram to edit anymore. Also, ever since Instagram took away the ability to preview images on Twitter, I now post photos to Twitter directly. This also preserves my image's original size. Does everything need to be square?

If I want to add tags to help bump my photo up to searches, I'll usually add that in the comments and not my caption so it doesn't look so crazy. #can #you #imagine #trying #to #read #all #of #this?

Honorable Mentions

I don't use these apps as often but they're nice options to have.

Beach Life | Hey Love Designs


If I'm in a girly or colorful mood and want to add some bokeh to my photos, I love using LensLight. It allows you to choose a variety of bokeh - circles, orbs, hearts, etc - as well as adjust the color and brightness. If you see bokeh in my photos it means I had a lot of free time on my hands to make a photo extra pretty and light flare-y.

Doodle Calligraphy | Hey Love Designs


If you're looking to make a collage, PicFrame is my pick. It first lets you pick the dimensions of your photo: square (for Instagram), horizontal, vertical, specific ratios, etc. Then you can choose your collage layout by number of photos, then insert them. PicFrame also allows you to edit your frames by color or pattern as well as add some text labels.


If I don't really need the doodles and want to focus more on words, I'll turn to Phonto. Phonto is pretty straight forward. Add fonts, edit fonts. Save. They also have a much greater selection of fonts.


I rarely use this one but it's good if you want to tag a place. Whether you're traveling or just posting delicious food, InstaPlace connects to Foursquare and adds some pretty cool skins/overlays to your photos.

* * *

After all is done, you may end up with a lots of drafts saved to your Camera Roll. Because I'm OCD and super organized, I go back and delete the drafts from my Camera Roll and Photostream. I only need to keep the edited photo (without text and doodles) and the final shared file.

Have you tried any of my favorite photo apps? What are some of your favorites?