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Hi Friends!

Starting next week I am going to cut down to 3-4 posts a week. I've been so proud of myself for being able to post every weekday but sometimes it's hard to maintain that kind of frequency. Plus I want to make sure I'm giving you quality content and not just fluff to fill a day.

For now, enjoy this fluff post. :) My friend Krista at Tiny n Fit posted this on her blog and I thought it would be fun to give you a snapshot into my life in its current state. I do have my Hey Love | Life area to talk about personal things (well basically anything not related to design, DIY, or creativity) but I also want to show a little bit more of my life here.


Current Book(s): Unfortunately I haven't had much time for reading, but I did recently pick up Love at First Click by Laurie Davis. I've been following Laurie on Twitter for a few years and she dishes out great online dating advice. She recently came out with this book and I wasn't having much luck with online dating (well, I wasn't making much effort) so I thought this book would help me change my attitude around it. She's so friendly and talks to me on twitter so I thought I'd support her and buy her book.

Current Music: Words cannot express how much I love this song. It's so funky and weird. That's what attracted me to it. And once I figured out it's "Blurred Lines"by Robin Thicke and it features Pharrell and T.I. I was officially hooked.

Oh and the video? Totally weird but intriguing. Like why are there feet on Robin Thicke's face? Is the balloon message true? How short is Pharrell??

Current Guilty Pleasure: I can't think of one! Am I weird? Maybe I'm forgetting.

Current Nail Color: Nada! I'm actually really bad at painting my nails. I have a ton of colors, plus I get a monthly subscription of them through Julep Maven, but I don't paint my nails that much. It's either that I don't have time, or when I do, I have tons of hands-on things to do. I'm a crafty gal. It's rare that I'm not using my hands so I don't want to ruin a paint job!

Current Drink: I'm a simple gal. I love a tall glass of freezing cold ice water. In a mason jar. With a silly straw.

Current Food: This one is hard! I'm currently trying to eat super clean before my beach trip with Krista so most of my food is pretty boring. Though I did just make this paleo chicken in the slow cooker and it's pretty tasty.

Current Favorite Show: Arrested Development! A few years after being canceled, AD now has new episodes exclusively on Netflix. They released the full season at once so it was fun to be able to watch them marathon-style, however the timeline is confusing. I may have watched them all a few times already just to get everything straight. I'm just happy to see my favorite dysfunctional family and all the "I just blue myself," "I've made a terrible mistake," sad Charlie Brown walks, and the many, many, many other inside jokes return.


Current Wish List: This one is a big one. A new car!! I'm currently in the market for a gently used Honda CR-V. It's time to upgrade my 11 year old Accord and get a big girl car!

Current Needs: I need to get my body back in shape! Being strict with myself and limiting indulgences to special moments only, staying dedicated to exercise, and putting my needs first before others. I've been focusing too much on pleasing other people these last few months that I've neglected taking care of myself. Not good.

Current Blessing: Supportive friends. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Current Outfit: LOFT tan and white tribal print (not sure how to describe it) dress, Banana Republic short-sleeve purple cardigan, Old Navy bronze flat sandals.

Current Excitement: New car-ness, Divas in DC this weekend with my pole studio, and my beach getaway next weekend with Krista!

What are some of the current things going on in your life?


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