Window Shopping: Anthropologie

Hi Friends!

Anthropologie is one of those stores that I would just love to live in. The store sells clothes but all I care about are the home goods. They have the most unique kitchenwares, drink ware, dining ware, bed linens, and general gift items. As we speak I currently own several drinking glasses, measuring spoons, measuring cups, and bowls. I seriously love this place! Oh, and the clothes and accessories are nice, too.

Last month I stopped by the Georgetown location and of course wanted to buy everything.

Window Shopping at Anthropologie | Hey Love Designs

Did you know most (if not all) of Anthropologie's decor is made out of recyclable items? I really wanted to take a bite out of those macarons, except they were made out of cardboard and plaster (at least that's what my friend and I assumed). How unique!

I have no need for owl cups or  a squirrel figurine (maybe a pitcher?) but they blend in so well with these matching red glassware. I really love those jars with the chalkboard labels and I know there's a tutorial out there to DIY some out of baby food jars.

This love birds "I do, I do" tea towel or dish cloth is the most adorable thing! I would love to give it as a gift but if I were the recipient, I'd never want to get it dirty!

How fun are these bunting sticky flags? I would use them purely for decoration and not to mark pages. The iguana stapler would make an excellent addition to my desk.

Are you a fan of Anthropologie? What do you love the most?

Please note: this post is not sponsored by Anthropologie. I just really love window shopping and showing off the cool things I find.