Alt for Everyone Swag

Hi Friends!

I have so many exciting things to share with you from my 3 days of Alt for Everyone. How do you decide where to start? Well I'll make it easy - the swaaaaaag!

Alt for Everyone Goody Bag | Hey Love Designs

Even though the whole conference is being held online, Alt didn't want to give any of us the shaft. We all got a box of goodies in mail. And boy, it did not disappoint!

Alt for Everyone Goody Bag | Hey Love Designs

When I first picked up my package from the front door, I found it was quite heavy. What could possibly be inside?

I love how they packaged it so that once you open up the ugly cardboard box, there's a fun black box and lots of fun crinkled paper.

Alt for Everyone Goody Bag | Hey Love Designs

From the top, left to right: Candy and mason jar from Bing | Note cards from Pixel Impress | Crayons from Childhood List | Lip balm from Ivory + Ash Camera pouch from BlueQ | Necklace from Zelma Rose | Party Flags from Lingering Daydreams

What an awesome selection, right? Let's look deeper.

Necklace from Zelma Rose | Alt for Everyone Goody Bag | Hey Love Designs

This necklace from Zelma Rose is so nice! I think it will go with nearly everything and I loved the packaging. Any friend of baker's twine is a friend of mine.

Crayons from Childhoodlist | Alt for Everyone Goody Bags | Hey Love Designs

I love that these crayons look like building blocks. I don't have a use for crayons so I think I will give this to my friend's son. I hope they're not too small for him!

BlueQ Zipper Pouch Contents | Alt for Everyone Goody Bag | Hey Love Designs

The biggest surprise was how much stuff was in the camera printed pouch! Not to mention it's all fun cheesy stuff. The wipes made me giggle and have already come in handy after The Color Run.

BlueQ | Alt for Everyone Goody Bag | Hey Love Designs

Here's a closer look of the small items. The "raisin cookies" box of gum made me laugh and "The Monster That Ate Stars" is actually a teeny tiny story book!

Thank you to the wonderful sponsors and Alt Summit for sending us these goody bags. Not only do I love swag, but I love swag that is useful and makes me laugh! It sort of makes me wonder what kind of swag I'd get if I attended the live in-person event!

Coming up this week I'll talk about the awesome courses I took as well as some of the "homework" that was assigned. I even applied some of my new skills to this post thanks to the Graphic Design for Bloggers 101 and Photoshop for Bloggers courses. Yay for new tricks!

Did you attend Alt? What did you think of the goody bag selections?