Let's Chat: My Greatest Idea Recently Was ...

Let's Chat: What was your greatest idea recently? | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends!

As I recover from a crazy weekend of Alt Summit, planning a dance graduation show, and The Color Run, I thought I'd take things easy on the blog today and have a discussion.

I recently put together an Etsy order and reflected on some good decisions I've made recently. Sometimes we focus on our bad decisions so why not shine the light on our good ones? I recently purchased a postage scale and switched to using USPS Regional Rate boxes and couldn't stop thinking about what a great decision that was. I'm saving a ton of money on shipping and I skip having to stop by the post office to weigh packages that aren't sent Flat Rate.

I know, boring, but I thought it really streamlined my process and cut costs for my business.

So tell me, what's a great idea(s) you've made recently, whether it was for yourself, work, health, etc?

And if I can sneak in another good idea, I definitely have to say I'm SO glad I impulse-registered for Alt Summit! I learned so much and can't wait to share a recap with you all!