More Alt Summit Love

Photo by Alt on Flickr | Hey Love Designs Hi Friends!

As you are well aware, I'm attending Alt Summit for Everyone next week. But that doesn't mean I won't still try and attend Alt Summit NYC! The event is sold out, but The Neighborhood Blog is giving everyone a chance to win a ticket to the event. Yeehaw!

I wanted to share a couple of posts they wrote about what they learned at Alt Summit. Maybe it will help give you some insight on why I'm so obsessed with attending this event as well as maybe convince you join in on the fun!

They have a two part series on what they learned at Alt Summit. (Part 1 & Part 2)

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Stay at the event hotel. It as very convenient to just be able to stay in one spot!
  • Put yourself out there. Obviously the event is to learn and network, so put your best foot forward and go meet people!
  • Take the time to unwind. We're all there to learn, but have some fun too!
  • Don't be afraid. You're gonna have to get out of your comfort zone and find the motivation to work towards your future. Alt will help with that!

Do you think you'll attend an Alt Summit?