Snail Mail Isn't Dead

If it wasn't apparent by my series of guest posts last week, snail mail is still alive! In a world of texts and emails and our need for instant gratification, we forget that a simple handwritten note really goes a long way.

I've been writing cards and letters for as long as I remember. My earliest memories are of my cousin Nancy and I mailing random thoughts back and forth. It was so exciting to send a piece of paper and words alllll the way to Maryland (okay it wasn't that far). Eventually the random thoughts turned into mini magazines and doodles (mostly the work of Nancy's artistic abilities) and stickers, Lisa Frank, and Hello Kitty galore (courtesy of me). I wrote to other cousins and I remember writing my friends during the summers. To this day I still have a box of letters from my childhood. Checking the mail used to be so exciting!

Doodle Calligraphy on My Holiday Cards | Hey Love Designs

These days I still send the occasional card but I don't mail letters nearly as often as I did when I was younger. I don't even check my mail very often anymore because it seemed like I only got junk mail since my bills are all electronic. Eventually, including greeting cards with a gift was a waste because people would just throw them away. Sad, right? So in the past year I decided to write more. I'm still easing my way in but I now enjoy sending a birthday card, a holiday greeting, a care package, or a "just thinking of you" note. Knowing how much joy I get from receiving mail is my motivation to send mail to others. I don't expect everyone to write back but it's exciting when they do.

Just the other day my friend called me because she said I was the only person who was thoughtful enough to ever mail her anything. Hearing her joy made me so happy.

And that's why I love snail mail. Happiness all around. Has anyone ever received a handwritten note and didn't feel pure joy? I sure don't get that feeling when I get a bill! I might get excited when I get a Bed, Bath, & Beyond 20% off coupon!

Heat Embossed Stamped Cards | Hey Love Designs

Plus, writing mail gives me a good excuse to buy fun stamps and card stock and play around with my doodle calligraphy.

So what about you? Do you send mail? Why do you do it?

And in case you missed the guest posts last week, check out the wonderful things that K, Jenna, Ashley, and Alicia wrote about snail mail. I loved hearing each of their thoughts on why sending mail is important to them.