The Art of Sending Snail Mail: Guest Post by Alicia Griffin

I'm lucky to have met Alicia. Not only is she my go-to friend for all things photography and food related, but she's so crafty! This year she has really stepped up her card-making game and I'm constantly amazed at the results. I love how creative she is so I asked her if I could share her creations as well as share why sending cards is so important to her.

* * *

The Importance of Cards

Housewarming Cards, Photo by Alicia Griffin | Hey Love Designs

Ten years ago, I learned about how much a card can mean to a person. Ten years ago, my great-grandmother passed away. She was a funny lady whom I miss dearly. She often sat in a rocking chair next to a jam cupboard in her kitchen, reading the newspaper or doing the latest word jumble. It crushed me when she died as I was away at freshman orientation in Washington DC.

While the jam cupboard is pretty valuable as an antique, what I found inside was worth even more than I ever could have imagined. As I sat in her rocking chair and went through the drawers and doors, I found every card and picture I had ever given her since I was in nursery school. I even found letters that my dad wrote to her from England when he was engaged to my mom but they hadn’t had the chance to meet in person yet. From handmade cards to terrible drawings from a 4 year old to the “fancy” cards we used to print on our computer, she had kept them all.

Card Collection, Photo by Alicia Griffin | Hey Love Designs

It never occurred to me how much all of these letters and cards we had given her over the years had meant to her. This had prompted me to keep all of my cards from there on as well (which I appropriately store in the jam cupboard I inherited) but also made me realize the impact that sending cards to people can have on them.

In today’s age of instant gratification communication technologies/digital overload (email, Facebook, Twitter), I find it rather refreshing to receive something other than a bill in the mail. I think it’s safe to say that almost all of the “real mail” sent and received these days is related to weddings (at least that’s the last time someone asked me for my address)- but it’s really time to bring the pen pal back for more than just nuptial events.

Cherry Blossom Cards, Photo by Alicia Griffin | Hey Love Designs

So this year, I decided my new year’s resolution was to bring snail mail back; which meant less Facebook birthday messages/emails and sending actual cards. And not just buying cards, but making them! Making them gives me the opportunity to really personalize them, design them myself and make a real statement.

Of course I could just send someone an email at any given moment which for some is more than enough. But personally, I love the thrill of finding an unexpected personal card/letter in my mailbox with a (now) 45-cent stamp affixed and can’t help but think that the people I send cards to enjoy them as well. It’s certainly more expensive/time consuming than a tweet, but it’s also something to keep forever rather than delete instantly.

Party Cards, Photo by Alicia Griffin | Hey Love Designs

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Alicia is a workaholic with 3 jobs that include a 9-5, selling cast iron at Le Creuset, and running her own photography business, Ag Images. When she's not working, she's eating or taking photos of what she's eating, crafting, or doing an insanity workout. Find her on twitter at @iDineDC or the shared blog she has with her roommate, Alicia^2.