Crafty Hodge Podge

In between design projects, my full time job, dance classes, and what's left of my social life, I managed to squeeze in little crafty projects. They're not quite meaningful enough to each warrant their own blog post, but I did want to share how I always manage to stay creative.

Whether it's a quick tweak, a home decor upgrade, or a mini project, I always have a need to create. Is it an addiction? Maybe, but I'm okay with it.

Here are some things I've created in the last few months.

Living Room Upgrade | Hey Love Designs

Okay, this project could actually warrant its own blog post, but it's a constant work in progress, so I probably won't blog about it until it looks more complete. What I did here was cover my dark brown couch with a slipcover that's easy to wash and 2 slip chairs from Target (on super sale too, woo!). Since then I've switched out the curtains, the pillows, and found a tray for the table to hold my remotes and flowers. The overall goal was to make my home more welcoming and be able to entertain friends again.

Viva Las Vegas! | Hey Love Designs

When my coworker told me she was engaged, I half-jokingly told her she could hire me to design her invitations. And she did! She and her fiance would be having a Vegas wedding and didn't mind it being a little tacky. I was a little skeptical at first, but I really love the way we collaborated (hubby-to-be, too!) to make these as elegant as a Vegas wedding can be. The wording of the invite references common Elvis Presley songs and the famous Las Vegas welcome sign. To make sure it still popped and stood out as a wedding invitation, we printed these on a pearl card stock and added a fun confetti pattern to the back of the cards.

1st Birthday Lollipop Stickers | Hey Love Designs

My cousin asked me to make fun stickers for the lollipop favors for her son's 1st birthday. The colors were green and blue, so I had a lot of fun designing these for her, plus I learned something new: how to type on a curve in Adobe Illustrator. I'm always learning, and I love that.

Chalkboard Tags | Hey Love Designs

I was asked to make up some sort of tag or labels for the new cubbies at my dance studio. I was thrilled to help! I thought it would be a good idea to use my leftover chalkboard paint to make tags and we could switch out the names if anyone leaves or joins us. So I went to Joann's and they and perfect tag shaped wooden pieces, I painted them with my chalkboard paint, and I used a chalk pen to write all the instructors' names. They turned out so cute!

Customized S'more Love Tags | Hey Love Designs

These "S'more Love" tags are one of my most popular products on Etsy. I get so excited when someone orders them because I don't have to outsource my printing and can turn them around quickly. What's more fun is when someone customizes the colors to something fun and bright like these.

Valentine's Day Mail | Hey Love Designs

This will definitely be a blog post soon: snail mail! They may have arrived a little late, but I sent my best gal pals Valentine's Day love. I also ran out of stamps so I used my Christmas ones, whoops. :)

What Would Blair Waldorf Do? | Hey Love Designs

My friend K is my go to source for pop culture. So when I saw these "What Would Blair Waldorf" pencils on Etsy, I shared them with her. She then immediately put in an order for my custom chevron note cards with the same saying. I love these! They're so fun and despite using the wrong color pink, they still turned out great. She's also ordered these note cards with "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink." K has the best cards.

Paleo Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies | Hey Love Designs

These aren't craft-related, but they sure were fun to create. Bacon chocolate chip cookies - and they're paleo!! These are the first paleo "dessert" I've ever made and they did not disappoint! I've also attempted gluten free cupcakes before in the past and those were a giant, unfluffed fail. These cookies require a little extra work to candy the bacon, but in the end they were great. And non-paleo people loved it too! Here's the recipe. Most things you'll have in your pantry, and I used the almond meal/flour from Trader Joe's.

Heat Embossed Stamped Cards | Hey Love Designs

I just bought this macaron stamp from Paper Source which I absolutely love! In addition to my "send more mail movement" (again, I owe you all a blog post or two!), I picked up some fun card stock, pulled out my dusty heat embossing tool, and got to work!! The "Shit" stamp was found awhile back in the Paper Source clearance area and the "Lots of Love" stamp was from Joann's dollar bin, I think.

Paper Source also has a macaron stack stamp, but I like the single macaron stamp so I can arrange them in different ways and colors.

Heat Embossed Folders | Hey Love Designs

My life is pretty chaotic, so it requires me to be freakishly organized whenever possible. My pole students will be graduation this session, so to help them come up with their solo routines (so they can show off everything they've learned and loved), I gave them a ton of resources and put them in folders. And in true Michelle fashion, I had to spruce them up! They look plain in this picture, but I actually wrote their names and then once again, dusted off that heat embossing tool, and used a glittery powder. Did you know there's a such thing as embossing PENS?!?! My life has changed forever - I can now doodle and then heat emboss!

* * *

So, what have you been creating lately? Share/link your projects in the comments below!