My First Craft Up Event

Hi, friends!

So this year I decided I wanted to host craft events. Whether it's a "stitch 'n' bitch" style event where everyone just brings their own stuff to work on, or a specific project to work on each time. The intention is to just get a lot of fun people together to gab, share ideas, and get stuff done.

In February I hosted the first "Craft Up" with an open house style. Friends could stop by as they please to just hang out and share ideas for future craft ups. I kept the invite list small and private since I was hosting this out of my home, but if this gets big enough, which is one of my goals, I will take it to a public space.

Hey Love Designs Craft Up Thank You Favors

Photo From My Instagram

A good chunk of friends came by and were very fired up about their own personal projects as well as what they'd love to see at future events. We gabbed over healthy appetizers, sangria, sweet cookies, and macarons.

Party Appetizers | Hey Love Designs

Photo Courtesy of Alicia Griffin

Sweet Treats | Hey Love Designs

Photo Courtesy of Alicia Griffin

While we ate and chatted, and because I couldn't resist having some kind of crafty thing to do during a craft up, I taught everyone how to make these pom pom flowers. They loved how easy and fun they were to make.

Pom Pom Flowers | Hey Love Designs

Photo From My Instagram

While we made these we came up with so many ideas for craft ups that I'm sure we would have a focus for every month through next year! Some things we brainstormed: cardmaking, photography, jewelry, cooking lessons. I want to host these monthly, but because my schedule is a little nuts, and I want to give people advanced notice, it may be every other month instead.

And in true Michelle fashion, I made the ladies little goody bags as a thank you for their time and coming over. I can't help it! I love this stuff!

Goody Bags | Hey Love Designs

I'm so glad my first event was a success! I'm plotting away the next one which will be in April and will coincide with Hey Love Designs' third birthday. I can't wait!

Thank you so much to my friends who attended and to my mom for letting me borrow tables and chairs and for helping me prep the food when I was running around like a crazy person. And thank you Alicia for letting me share some of the photos you took.

Do you have any ideas for Craft Ups? If you live in Northern Virginia, would you be interested in attending?