My Favorite Free Script Fonts

It's no secret that I love typography. I probably have more fonts than anyone I know. Nothing gives me a nerdgasm more than finding the perfect combination of fonts to represent whatever I'm working on: a logo, an invitation, the cover of a work binder... Am I the only one who has fun designing a page to insert in the front of my binders?

::crickets chirp::

I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite fonts, and the best part? They're all free!

These fonts are great if you're designing wedding invitations, a formal affair, a new logo, a signature, or the cover of a work binder...

My Favorite Free Script Fonts | Hey Love Designs


Allura | At Last Greeting | Baronesse Font | Before the Rain Clementine Sketch | Dancing Script | Dawning of a New Day Freebooter Script | Lavandaria* | LD Shelly Script | Lobster Two Monterey | Pacifico | Quickier | Some Weatz

Do you have any favorite free script fonts that aren't listed? Share them in the comments!

I'll also pull together my favorite free sans-serif fonts, handwritten fonts, and some paid ones.


* While you can technically get it for free, this font requests a donation.