Get Crafty! How to Make a Fringe Backdrop

How to Make a Fringe Backdrop | Hey Love Designs

So I've been bad.

I created this awesome backdrop for my friend's bridal shower back in August and have been meaning to post a tutorial. Despite searching the web on how to make a cool backdrop, no one had exactly what I had in mind, so I winged it. And I wanted to share with the world how I made this awesome board. I even took step by step photos when making the board, knowing that a post would be created.

Then I procrastinated. At first I just got busy and kept putting the task off to the side.

Then my computer crashed. And I lost all the photos I had taken. (!!!!!!!!!)

Fast forward to now, I got an email request on how to make the board, so here it is, nearly 6 months later: a tutorial on how to make a fringe backdrop! I'm sorry! The photos here weren't nearly as good as the ones I had taken originally.

Here's the moral of the story: don't procrastinate and back your photos up.

So when I was given the task to decorate for my friend's bridal shower, I knew I wanted to have a focal point. I had a vision for a "mega-board" and I wanted it to be covered in tissue paper fringe. Like I stated above, I scoured the web to see if someone else had created my vision and failed miserably. So what else to do but just attempt to do it myself?

DIY Fringe Backdrop | Hey Love Designs

Supplies Needed:

  • Board - Foam, cardboard, wood, etc
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Double-Sided Tape or Glue

A note on the first item: I knew I wanted my board to be super big (aka "mega-board"), so I bought 5 foam boards from the dollar store: 4 to make a quad and 1 for the back to attach them all to. Depending on the size of the board you choose, you'll have to decide how big you want it . For the purpose of recreating this tutorial, I used a piece of cardboard from a furniture purchase.

1. Measure your board, cut the tissue paper to cover the entire thing, and attach with your adhesive of choice. Even though we will be covering the board with fringe, you don't want any cardboard, foam, wood, etc peeking through. Plus it helps make the board a little darker. This doesn't need to be perfect.

DIY Fringe Backdrop | Hey Love Designs

2. Cut a few strips as long as your board, and about 4" high. Then cut strips about 3" up and 1" apart. Sometimes it helps to fold a few in half length-wise and cut them together. These don't need to be perfect. I did a few at a time, did the next step, then would cut more, depending on how long my board is.

DIY Fringe Backdrop | Hey Love Designs

3. One at a time, paste each strip across the board. Paste the next one about 1-2" up, depending on how dense you want your fringe. Continue until the entire board is covered.

DIY Fringe Backdrop | Hey Love Designs

DIY Fringe Backdrop | Hey Love Designs

DIY Fringe Backdrop | Hey Love Designs

4. If you're just doing one board, you're done! If you want to create a mega-board like I do, lay the 4 of your completed boards face down on the floor, 2x2. Take your fifth board and center it in the middle of all 4 boards. Tape them together with strong tape, like duct tape.

Bride to Be backdrop | Hey Love Designs

5. From here, you can cover the board however you please. String lights, a wreath, bunting, a banner - the possibilities are endless. For this banner I simply printed out giant letters on a page and cut them into this banner shape. Then I punched two holes on each side and strung yarn through them. You can also use ribbon, twine, etc. I used yarn specifically for the shower since it was "housewife" themed.

If you're hosting a bridal shower, you're in luck! I did save the templates I designed to make the "bride to be" bunting. Click here to download!

Enjoy! Have any questions? Leave them in the comments section below.