Doodle Calligraphy

Doodle Calligraphy | Hey Love Designs

Happy New Year, everyone!! I hope your 2013 is already off to a good start. Mine is!

So, last year I took a stab at "calligraphy" when I addressed my holiday cards. I was so excited with how the cards turned out that I was determined to sit down and practice calligraphy. Maybe one day I would offer it as a service! I ran out to Paper Source and bought a calligraphy kit and...

It sat on my desk, unopened, for a year. Oops.

For this year's cards, I knew I still wanted to have fun addressing my cards but my tradition of procrastinating in ordering cards left me with no time to teach myself calligraphy. So once again, I decided to fake it.

This is what I call "Doodle Calligraphy." | Hey Love Designs

I took the tips from this blog post on "faux calligraphy" then tried my hand at it. I took my usual cursive and added the tips to make it look like calligraphy. I even added a few hand-drawn banners for extra flair. The result? It's what I like to call "doodle calligraphy." It doesn't quite look like the real thing, but it's my own personal unique style. I like it!

Doodle Calligraphy on My Holiday Cards | Hey Love Designs

I'm really pleased with how my holiday cards turned out and even more about how I packaged them up. Brown kraft envelopes, my doodle calligraphy, and on the back, my fun calligraphy stamp and to seal the deal, fun washi tape. If you got this in the mail and it didn't scream "Michelle!" then you don't know me at all!! Just kidding. :)

Holiday Cards | Hey Love Designs

Will I ever offer addressing envelopes as a service? Sure, if people like my calligraphy... and if they don't mind that I don't write in straight lines. Over the summer I helped my friend address her wedding invitations and I just felt so much pressure. Not from her, but just feeling like it needed to be perfect. When I address my own stuff, if I make a mistake or the address is off center, no biggie. I'd still like to break open my calligraphy kit and take a stab at the real deal, but right now I'm perfectly happy with my doodle calligraphy. :)