Hey Love Designs is Now on Etsy!

I may have been quiet on the blog and on Twitter (I moved my personal tweets to another account) but business has been anything but quiet! I've been quietly working on designs and online orders so I'm proud to say that things are going quite well.

I've also been working on a secret experiment. While Storenvy was the home for my online shop, I decided to test things out on Etsy. I had one listing up for the past few months - the DC skyline save the date design - and without promoting the item at all on my own, it sold very well! I've found that the search function on Etsy was my friend.

While Etsy charges me a lot of seller fees and Storenvy did not, I feel like the whole shopping experience on Etsy is better for clients. Clients can easily browse through my designs, read feedback from other buyers, message me through the website, and the interface is so much better. I like that I can easily duplicate listings for items that are similar, keep a record of conversations with buyers and potential buyers, there's a big seller community you can converse with, and Etsy itself is great for marketing. Another perk? Etsy now accepts credit cards which is great news for those of you who do not like PayPal. I can also accept Etsy gift cards!

So while I will end up paying more in seller fees and Etsy takes a larger cut of my profits, I think moving the shop there will be better for clients. I'm looking out for you! I even reduced the price of some items. So expect all sales to now be placed through Etsy. Looking for a complete custom design? Message me and I'll place your custom listing on Etsy.

To celebrate the opening of the new shop, enjoy 10% off your entire order with coupon code YAYETSY10! This code will be good through the rest of November.