Real Parties: Vintage Housewife Bridal Shower

Thank you to everyone who has been understanding of my needing to take a break last week. Now let me show you one of the many reasons why! I had the honor of being in charge of decorations for one of my bestie's bridal shower. The theme was vintage housewives, so I took the idea and just ran with it!

This purple fringe backdrop was my favorite thing to make. It can be time consuming, but it added such a nice touch to the shower, plus it made a fun background for photos! I've always wanted to have something like this and was happy at how ridiculously easy it was to put together. I'll have a tutorial coming soon! Here's the tutorial!

To make the shower "housewife-y" I decided to have kitchen tools scattered around as part of the decor. I hauled over my KitchenAid stand mixer (hey, it's heavy!) and filled it with flowers and rolling pins. I also wanted to highlight the bride's new last name so I wrapped a giant N in purple yarn. Oh by the way, her wedding colors are black, purple, and green and the bridal party and I decided to use her colors, but show a softer, girlier side of it.

For the favors we turned to good ol' IKEA (also where I got the rolling pins for cheap). Each bundle of 3 wooden utensils cost only 49 cents! What a steal, right? You really can't get any favors for this cheap. They are pretty good quality and we just tied it all together with the purple yarn and added a tag that said "Cosette's Bridal Shower." We also used Mason Jars to hold daisies (also a cheap find at the grocery store) and scattered them on various tables at the party.

No vintage houswife theme shower would be complete without these witty sayings! I've always loved the Anne Taintor magnets and notepads, so I found images from around the web and framed them. The chocolate covered acai berries (yum!) needed bowls so we decided cocktail glasses would be perfect! We also scattered these around the room.

Have you ever had an idea then when you put it into action it's just a complete fail? When I dreamed up what the shower would look like I was terrified it would turn out all wrong. Well the exact opposite happened - everything came together so nicely! I'm so glad I had such a great team to work with (C picked out an awesome bridal party!) and that everything meshed so well together.

UPDATE: Want to learn how to create this backdrop? You're in luck! The tutorial is right here.