New Business Cards

Happy Wednesday! I just wanted to show off what I played around with this weekend. I was in need of new cards since I relinquished my Google Voice number and wanted something crafty and fun.

New Business Cards | Hey Love Designs

I have to admit that I didn't come up with this on my own. I absolutely loved the cards I saw on one of my favorite sites, Oh, Hello Friend and got inspired to make similar cards.

I bought a few sheets of this kraft brown label so I'm looking forward to coming up with more fun designs. I think the reason I go towards the DIY route with my cards is because I have design ADD and am always looking for fun ways to give out my information. It's much more fun for me to make a small batch of unique cards. I end up craving a new design before I can go through 500 bulk cards. Maybe I need to get out more. ;)

To make these, simply purchase 4x1" kraft brown label stickers, use the free template provided as a guide, then design away! Once you print out a sheet, affix the labels to business cards with about an inch of the label hanging over the side, then fold over. For extra flair you can add washi tape or print fun patterns on small address labels (tutorial to come!). So easy!

New DIY Business Cards | Hey Love Designs

I have to admit, while I'm usually crazy for aqua and turquoise, I actually love the white-bluish cards much more with this design. I think because they have a soft texture to them.

What do you think? Are you up to anything crafty lately?

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