Blog Business Cards for Yogitastic

I always get super excited when a friend of mine reaches out to me to design something for them. They are either super supportive of Hey Love Designs, they just like my work, or they don't know who else to turn to. Whatever the reason, I'm thrilled to help! Samantha is a yoga instructor who also runs a yoga lifestyle blog named Yogitastic. Not only does she write about yoga but she also promotes healthy living whether it's physical or mental. She's full of wit and snark, so her blog or Twitter feed are definitely worth checking out.

Samantha reached out to me when she found she was talking to students about her blog or at networking events and had nothing to hand them. Who says we don't use business cards anymore? These have proven to be real handy, especially when sharing a URL in person is involved.

The design is simple and straight to the point. Samantha came to me with a logo ready to go and just needed an earthy and natural design to go with it. Then these were born: