Freestyle Friday: Bracelet Obsession

Hello, lovers! I thought I'd add a fun weekly post that just highlights some fun things that I'm either working on or tiny glimpses into my life (for more personal stuff, slide on over to my tumblr page).

This week I wanted to show you my latest addiction: BRACELETS!

It probably started when I bought these beautiful bangles from Stella & Dot. I liked how the models had layered and layered bracelets up and down their forearm and I wanted the same. Except I can only afford one or two things from Stella & Dot (great quality, just slim wallet, ha).

So then I started noticing all these DIY tutorials popping up on Pinterest. So naturally, I pinned all the things and then let them sit there. Sure I'll get to them.




Well over the holiday weekend I decided to tackle this project. I took a few trips to the craft stores and went a little crazy buying bracelet making supplies. And then I proceeded to decline all offers to go out Friday night (kind of unusual for me to be this popular, haha) and stayed in and made bracelets.

And then I made more during my lunch break at work this week.

Can we say, "Obsessed?"

Thanks to these super duper easy tutorials, I can make these bracelets fairly quickly now. Here's the tutorial for the ring bracelet and the beaded bracelet. For others that I plan on tackling soon, scoot on over to my DIY board on Pinterest.

As for the fat, hot pink band, I just winged it. Here's a fun and speedy tutorial I posted on Instagram.

What's your current obsession?