Quick Paint Projects

Ahoy, friends! I just wanted to write a quick post sharing some craft projects I squeezed in recently when I had a moment to spare. It just goes to show you how easy these projects are. You only have to work on them a few minutes at a time and they're fairly inexpensive. Cheap and quick? Me likey.

(I apologize in advance for the mobile photos, hopefully the cool Instagram filters will fool you into thinking they're professional, ha!)

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've had these plain IKEA wine glasses for at least a year (maybe two!). I had every intention of doing some cool silver lines or bubbles on them (something like this) but freaked out at not being able to find any "food safe" paint pens. Okay, I could have bought some online but I was lazy. Then I sort of forgot about them. Enter Pinterest, and I finally settled on an idea on what to do with them. Chalkboard paint! This is great for when you have guests and you all keep forgetting which wine glass is yours.

I sort of wish I had either painted all the way up the stem or just the base, but at least taping it off ensured all the wine glasses are painted the same. Also, the tutorial I linked has you dipping the glasses into the paint, but for less mess I just painted them on and did a second coat when I had another pocket of time the next day.

You're already well aware of my love for giant letters, so it was only natural I would add this to my new entryway. I picked up a kraft brown big letter M (about 10" in height) from Joann's and painted it with some leftover kitchen wall paint. I love how sunny and yellow the M is and adds a pop of color to the shelves without being too bright.

I haven't decided if I wanted to wrap yarn around it. I think it looks pretty good on its own.

What kind of fun projects have you gotten into lately?