Link With Love

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard of Pinterest. I've devoted many posts to my love of it and I swear one day I'm going to do a post showing how my "Pinned Projects" have come to life (so I'm not just pinning like a crazy person for no good reason). Pinterest is such a great way to gather ideas whether it's what you're going to make for dinner, how to style a party, design inspiration, home renovation ideas, etc. Businesses even have great ways of promoting their products with the community in a non-annoying way (is that a word)?

But of course with every great thing there are downsides. I've noticed lately that some pins don't go to their original source. Picture this, a few weeks ago you repinned an image from another user of this awesome mac and cheese. So today you decide you want to hit the grocery store and gather the ingredients so you go back and click to that link. It doesn't take you anywhere. Or it takes you to the main blog site but not the original post's URL. Or it's someone's blog that just copied that photo but doesn't include the recipe. I can't tell you how many times this has happened and it's beyond frustrating!

Here's an example. I really like this dress below. If you click on it, it goes to some imgfav website. If I do a Google Image search (where you can just drag the photo into the search box, cool huh?) it basically leads to a bunch of blogs that have copied this image. But who designs it? Where can I buy it? How much does it cost?

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

I've also seen how creative blogs aren't happy with how people are using their images on Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is a great way to promote your blog and ideas but some people will take a photo and not give credit to the original user. As a crafter and business owner, I haven't faced this problem, but I totally understand where they're coming from. Imagine you spent a lot of time writing a blog post and found out someone stole that post, word for word, and posted it on their site, pretending they wrote it. Sucks, right?

So then I came across this website. All of a sudden I knew it would change the way I use Pinterest.


Link With Love is a movement to protect intellectual property. Give credit where credit is due. When referencing an idea, make sure it links to the original source. This doesn't just apply to Pinterest, however Pinterest makes it easy for the original source to get lost. Whenever possible, include the link. Before you repin, make sure that link goes to the original source.

From the Link With Love site:

HOW it works.

LINKwithlove is EASY. It is an expansion of what we all do naturally. We watch out for the people we care about. We share things. We engage each other. More and more - our daily lives and social networking takes place on the internet. By looking out for the people we connect with via our social networks (blogs, Facebooks, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) we increase our watchfulness.

LINKwithlove is about :

  1. ACCEPTING that it is your responsibility to know better, do better and leave a legacy of internet kindness. Share the knowledge of proper use of intellectual property online.
  2. RESPECTING the intellectual property of your own AND OTHERS. Lead by example when posting or sharing. Retain links. Post credits.
  3. PROTECTING the rights of yourself and others by being watchful as you surf the internet. Draw attention to uncredited or unlinked work. A watchful eye is good defense against theft.

When we know better - WE DO BETTER. - Maya Angelou

Here's how I will be Pinning from now on:

  • Before repinning, make sure the image leads to the source. If it's a recipe, there better damn well be a recipe at the page the image links to.
  • When pinning, include the URL of the site or at least reference the blog/designer/brand name.
  • Any existing pins that don't link to a source website will be deleted. Yes, I will be going through all 1000+ of my pins.

I know there will be instances where it is difficult to cite the original source, but I'm going to try as hard as I can.

Please link with love whether it's on Pinterest, on your blog, etc.