Elephant Appreciation Day

Did you know today is Elephant Appreciation Day? Neither did I, but I'm so excited about it! I'm not sure what it is about elephants but I love them. They're fat and wrinkly, maybe they are like giant puppies. Or maybe because I want to ride one. They seem like such gentle creatures yet they could probably kill someone just by sitting on them. They have really cool trunks!

They also represent strength, wisdom, solitude, strong sense of loyalty to the family, intelligence, and a strong symbol of luck. Those symbols alone are enough to love the elephant.

So how does this tie into Hey Love? Remember my love for Pinterest? I'm surprised I don't have an entire board dedicated to elephants but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite elephant pins. I wouldn't be surprised if my future baby's nursery ends up elephant themed.

Source: target.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Emma on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Michelle on Pinterest

10/27/09 "elephant jewels"

I actually own a set of these candle holders!