Should I Dip Dye?

Ever since I saw this photo of Lauren Conrad's dip-dyed locks, I've been obsessed. Obsessed, I tell you!

I've already had a fascination with color streaks in my hair since last Halloween but have been too coward to do it. Plus I'm worried about how to pull it off in a corporate environment. But as I all of a sudden feel like I'm running out of my twenties and need to get all the crazy ideas out of my system and my birthday and Halloween are upon us, I'm reconsidering this again. Still worried about how it'll look in a professional environment and always worried I'm not crazy enough to pull off the look.

I'm about 80% sure I'm going to do it. KB went with me into my salon to just innocently ask how much it would cost (~$100 not bad), how long the process would take (2 hours with haircut), and if they would do it at all (YES!). So that helped push my decision closer to "Let's do eet!" Now it's a matter of just doing it.

Some other photos that inspire me. Too bad they're all blond. The only brunette I found with dip-dyed hair is Snookie and I don't even want to associate a picture of her with my blog. :)

Love how her curls capture the color. And I want her glasses.

I'm digging how the color pops in this fish tail braid.

Overall I know I like the mermaid-like colors in LC's locks, I just have to find a combination and shade that work for my dark hair (of course, this is why I'm going to a professional). I want it to be muted so I can still pull off the look in an office environment but keep it fun. And I like the ombre transition so it's not a block of color in my hair, it transitions from dark to light. I probably won't have it be more than a few inches high and maybe I can do it on the bottom layer of hair so it's less extreme. I just know I don't want to look like some punk high school kid who did a horrible DIY job at home with Manic Panic, ha ha.

So I'm pretty convinced I'm going to do it. If I hate it, well I can chop that part of my hair off. What do you think?


Side Note on LC: Can I talk about how much I can't stand her or anyone that came out of Laguna Beach/The Hills/Any Reality Show That Has Created "Stars" yet I absolutely love her clothing line at Kohl's, her beauty/and hair blog, AND now I love her hair too? Whyyyyyy?