Real Parties: A Superhero First Birthday Party

This Real Party shows you how simple it is to pull together a simple party with lots of bang. Teaming up with a family of craftsters, we DIY'd this party together.


When my cousin told me we'd just be having a casual, low-key affair to celebrate her son's first birthday, I asked her if I could go nuts with decorations. Of course she said yes knowing how much I love to do this, as well as celebrate my nephew's (in Vietnamese terms) birthday in style!

Remy, the newly one-year old, has a sweet and tiny-sized collection of superhero t-shirts so it was easy to decide on a superhero theme. He even has a Superman shirt with a cape attached by velcro which he wore to his party. Since the food was being taken care of by my mom, I decided to just make a small sweets table. But full of punch!

How fun is this?



Once I had the theme down it was pretty easy to pull everything together. They all fell into place. The old fashioned Batman action starbursts added fun flair to the overall spread. The chocolate chip mini cupcakes I baked got jazzed up with some fun cupcake flags.

fun cupcake toppers

I've always dreamed of having chocolate milk out of old fashioned milk bottles. I love the look of the bottles and the striped paper straws - and I don't even like chocolate milk all that much! Want these milk bottles? Save some money and don't buy brand new empty jars. Buy a couple packs of the Starbuck's bottled Frappucino beverages and you'll save a few bucks. I recommend buying them a couple weeks in advance so you can spread out all the coffee drinking as well as scrubbing them down after you've peeled off the labels.

Chocolate Milk Bottles

I can't take any credit for the superhero Blow Pops below. I saw the idea online at Zakka Life. How fun are these little guys?

superhero pops

For more color and pop, my brothers helped me make these chocolate dipped pretzels. All you need are large pretzel rods, melt some white chocolate (I used the kind found in craft/cake stores), and sprinkle away!

chocolate dipped pretzel sticks

And for a silly play on words: life savers! Heroes save lives, right?

what a life saver!

Also a special shout out to my cousin Nancy (proud Auntie of Remy) who made these cake pops. It was her first time making them, ever! Such great work. I sure don't have the patience to make these!

cake pops

I had such a great time pulling all this together and while we did most of the celebrating outside, everyone enjoyed all the sweet treats inside. Even Remy had fun with the "Zoom!" sign. Happy first birthday, Remy!

Remy and proud papa. (Photo courtesy of my brother)


Print Designs: Hey Love Paper Straws: The Bakers Confections Candy: Target Milk Bottles: Starbuck's Bottled Frappucino