Finally! New Business Cards


I've been dreaming up this card for months and once I finally put in the steps to design the stamps and get them ordered it was another month and a half before I could finally get exactly what I wanted.

I'll spare you the long and boring story of how frustrating the process of actually getting the stamps in my hands, but it was so worth the wait.

You know how you get an idea in your head and how perfect it's gonna look? And then when the time comes to put it together it doesn't live up to your standards? Yea, happens to me a lot. Or maybe I have high standards or build it up in my head so much.

That wasn't the case with these cards.

If you're familiar with my work a lot of my designs have a similar look: bold and simple. I wanted to make a stamp that not only made a big statement on my business cards but could also use for things like tags, thank you cards, or even stamping right on the package I hand to you. So I set forth to create a stamp-friendly design that captured my style, and another stamp with my detailed contact information.

New Hey Love Business Cards

While these cards may fall under the "DIY" category, I think it still shows people that my design style is not just simple, it's versatile. And that I take special care to make sure my product is solid and up to my high standards. And while each card in this set may not be perfect or identical to each other, they are each unique.

Plus I can have fun with different color card stock and stamp colors.

Want to learn how to heat-emboss stamps like I did for these cards? Check out this tutorial I put out recently. If you're interested in having similar cards made, I'd be happy to work with you on the stamp design.

New Hey Love Business Cards

Looking forward to handing these out!