Goodbye Sweets

Sad news for my sweets fans! I wanted to announce that Hey Love will no longer be providing sweets orders. It's something that took me several months to feel certain of this decision.

When I started Hey Love a year ago, I was torn between doing sweets or doing designs. So I decided to do both and along the way and test the wateres. I gave myself a year to see which was the clear frontrunner of what made me happy and saw as a long lasting skill to pursue for years to come or to find a way to make both ventures work together. While the sweets part of Hey Love was successful, in the end I found that I truly loved design that much more. I knew from the start I didn't want to open a bakery in a market that's over-saturated with cupcake shops so that helped aid my decision in not continuing this part of my venture. Also running a bakery out of my home, while working a full time job, and having clients that wanted deliveries outside of my free time proved to be difficult.

While I still enjoy baking, it will no longer be done for profit.

So what does this mean for Hey Love? Don't forget there is still the design aspect of it! I've designed many invitations, business cards, and much more over the last year and will continue to do so. To compensate for the loss of the sweets service, you've already seen more in terms of design as well as more party ideas, advice, crafts, free printables, an Etsy shop, and so much more.

I'm looking forward to what's to come and I hope you are too. Thanks for the support.




Note: if you have a current gift certificate for sweets, I will still honor it.