Free Printable! Polka-Dot Flags

I guess I'm in a very giving mood - it's the second free printable of the week! I'm throwing a very small and private get together this weekend and wanted some fun flags to stick in things. What can I say, I'm a sucker for banners and flags. Since none of the endless amounts of scrapbooking paper I had laying around was in the color scheme I wanted, I decided to design my own in a fun polka dot pattern and share with you.

Polka Dot Party Flags

I thought it was adorable to group a few together in a cupcake (although kind of tall).

Polka Dot Party Flags

They can also be cute for swizzle sticks and straws.

Polka Dot Party Flags

I plan on using these for some appetizer skewers that will stand up straight.

Download Purple & Green

Download Yellow & Blue

To use this, download the PDF and cut out the flags. Using double side sticky tape, glue, or any other thin adhesive, affix the paper around the skewer, toothpick, straw, etc, fold in half, and adhere. Viola. Instant party on a stick!