Football Cakepops!

I've always had cakepop envy ever since I saw photos of Bakerella's bite sized balls of perfection. Her cakepops have such fantastic detail and are so cute you are torn between wanting to chow down or just preserve the pop because of how beautiful they look. Also, one quick look of a cakepop tells you those were not easy to make, which is why I never had a burning desire to make them.

Enter, A, a good friend of mine who happened to be throwing her annual "Bella Bowl" on Super Bowl Sunday. She's made cakepops in the past and I've been in awe, so when she told me she'd be making football shaped cakepops, she invited me over to help. Baking dates are FUN!

I'll save you the story of the process A and I went through to make the football pops. If you want the cakepop recipe and instructions, check out Bakerella's website. Let's just get to pictures!

We were a little uncertain how these would turn out since 1. I've never made a cakepop before and 2. neither of have made a football-shaped pop before, but after a few tries, we got our groove.

And look how cute!

Football cake pops. | Hey Love Designs

The pops, freshly laced.

Football cake pops. | Hey Love Designs

And now a part of the party spread.

For more photos of the cakepops and a recap of A's Bella Bowl, check out her blog!

She also happened to order some cupcakes from me and once I saw this adorable cupcake stand she had, I had to take a photo of my cupcakes in them!

Bella Bowl 2011