The Beauty of Packaging

I love packaging. Seeing how different companies encase their products is fascinating to me. I think it adds a little extra something when you see that a business doesn't just throw an item into a bag. They give it a little love. And since I'm still a small operation, I am able to take the time to give each of my customers a little extra thought when I hand their product over to them.

I'm still working on finding a consistent style that I like, especially since I just received some new cupcake boxes and new labels are on their way. But in the meantime, it's fun to experiment. Finding ways to make my business cards more useful as well as giving potential new clients an easy way to contact me is fun to me.

Just like this sticker claims, every item that comes from me is made with love. I won't take the lazy route or rush my way through something just to get it done.

Wouldn't you say this packaging, while still in experimental mode is a much better upgrade than my very first order?