Cupcake Camp DC 2010

I had the pleasure of not only attending but being a guest judge for the first ever Cupcake Camp DC event held on 18 September 2010 at Funxion in Washington, DC. The purpose of the event was pretty much to bring cupcake lovers together in the same place to share and eat cupcakes. Part of the event was a cupcake competition, which I judged with Robin, Olga of Mango & Tomato, Amy, and Tara of Yelp DC.

Cupcake Fans! This place got real packed.

I mostly hung out upstairs as it was a safe haven from the crowds and I did my judging duties upstairs with the others. It was kind of cool to look down and see all the cupcake fans having a good time and swarming the volunteers whenever they brought down trays of cupcakes.

I wish I had taken more photos, especially of myself, my fellow judges, and especially super coordinator extraordinaire, Nicole, who volunteered to run this whole operation with nothing but love for cupcakes and a team of volunteers. Here are some cupcake highlights...

The winner! (I think.) This was one of my favorites, especially presentation!

This was one of my favorite cupcakes, and I'm not even a chocolate fan! I was super impressed with the presentation - strawberry speckled frosting, pink blower, chocolate covered strawberry with pink drizzle - and wished that there was a column just for presentation. I believe this was the winning cupcake as well!

I give the

I was super impressed by the presentation of this "wine and cheese" cupcake as it appeared that the wine bottles were made by hand. I think that takes a lot of time and skill to master, so props to the person who did that. However, it had goat cheese in the frosting and either I'm not ready to have goat cheese in my cupcakes or there was a little too much goat cheese, but the taste was very over empowering. This is an instance where I wish there was a score for taste and a score for presentation, because both would have been scored on different ends of the spectrum.

This little gem wasn't a part of the competition, nor did I ever eat it, but it was so darn cute!

This little gem wasn't for judging but look how cute and shiny! Just proof everything is even cuter when they are in mini form.

Love the swirly and colors of the funfetti cupcake (homemade not boxed).

What a great twist on Funfetti cupcakes! This certainly wasn't the boxed variety we are all familiar with. I loved how beautiful the swirl frosting looked. It reminds me of cotton candy.

Am example of one

This split (cupcake) was bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! The banana split cupcake in the back of this photo was ridiculous! It had frosting underneath and bananas, it was all sorts of crazy. This plate was also an example of what each "round" of cupcakes consisted of. Lots to taste!

The aftermath. Even though we didn't finish any cupcakes the judges and I had serious sugar coma!

The aftermath after about 8 rounds of tasting. Oh boy.

I had a lot of fun at this event, finally being able to meet Nicole and Ogla after having exchanged tweets with them for some time. The fat kid in me was happy to be eating all these cupcakes but my waistline was not. Things to remember for next year: wear stretchy pants, bring lots of water (in case the venue is weird about providing tap water), and pace yourself! Nicole told us we didn't have to try every single cupcake, yet we did. We should have listened to this wise gal!

The event went by so fast that I wish I had the opportunity to take more photos or even enjoy each cupcake. I'm struggling to remember what cupcake was what or who made which one, but overall I'm happy I got to be a part of it and that it was such a great event! Until next year!

To check out Nicole's summary of Cupcake Camp DC and to see the winners, click here.