Business Cards for Amy

If you didn't already know, Amy Francis is the fantastic person who put together this very website. She was such a pleasure to work with and coming up with the ideas and direction of my site came so easy since we think a lot alike. I'm so thrilled and amazed at the work she did for me so when I asked her what I could do to show her how grateful I was, we decided together that business cards would be perfect, especially because she was in the process of moving to a new city (see how much we think alike?).


Amy gave me her requirements for color (down to the Pantone #, how awesome) and what had to go on the card, and left me with the rest. She knew I was good at playing around with fonts, so I was all about this. I think big and bold was the way to go, much like her new adventure in Seattle.

Amy Francis Business Cards

I sent these to Amy in Seattle (yea for fun mail that's not bills!) and she loved them so much she blogged about them. I'm so happy that Amy is pleased and she is excited to hand them out.