Upcoming Projects

Ever since April when I announced Hey Love was in business, orders came flying in! I don't know if it was because of the overwhelming support of friends and family or there were so many occasions to celebrate but I was definitely overwhelmed with orders, and I'm not complaining! August has slowed down a tad and with that, it gives me time to continue focusing on building the business as well as dream up new projects and products that Hey Love will provide.

So what's on my plate?

  • Finally organizing my home office. Already well underway thanks to a trip to IKEA.
  • Becoming an LLC and finding the most practical way to manage finances (have tried so many already!).
  • Pet cookies. They will all be Nico approved!
  • Cupcake in a jar. Would make a great gift and also be good for....
  • Shipping sweets. For those who aren't in the delivery area.
  • New flavors. If you're lucky to see me at a party you may be blessed with some samples.
  • Solidifying and enforcing store policies for ordering, shipping, and delivering.
  • Etsy shop. Creating items to post for sale.
  • Party boxes/sets. Making it easy to throw together your own party.
  • Pimping out the print design aspect of Hey Love.
  • Create free printables and tutorials.
  • Maintaining a balance between my full time job, life, and Hey Love.
  • Keep on rockin'.

If there's anything you'd like to see Hey Love offer in the future, please feel free to chime in. Looking forward to having a plethora of new services and products to provide for all. Rock on!