Love Birds Wedding

I had the pleasure of taking part in my dear cousin Nancy's wedding this past weekend. I am constantly amazed at how much love is in my family and am thankful every day for it. To help Nancy out, I designed some of the paperie for her wedding. She bought these cute little love bird place card holders so I worked my design around that.

I came up with several designs, but when she happened to see a social calling card that I made for myself just laying around, she wanted to borrow that idea.

So combined with the card she saw above with the few designs I came up with her, we came up with this:

Place Cards for Phu and Nancy's Wedding

To match the seating cards, I designed the menu to match. The wedding had a traditional five-course dinner so there was a lot to fit in!

Wedding Menu for Phu and Nancy

Congratulations Phu and Nancy! I'm so happy I got to be a part of your big day.