New Business Cards

As someone who offers services in print designs, there's a lot of pressure to have a design that best represents yourself when you hand that tiny piece of cardstock to someone with your contact information. Hey Love Business Cards

I stalled ordering business cards for as long as possible. For awhile I was using the breakable business card paper from the local office supply store - shame on me. I also didn't want to commit to one design. I have so many ideas I want to see in action! Eventually I got tired of having to print a few new sheets every other order and knew I wanted something that showed my creative juices.

Hey Love business cards

I came up with these last week and finally put in an order for a small box of cards. Now I can pass these babies out like candy. The problem is now that I've gotten into the groove of making fun and stylish cards, I want to make MORE!

I can have an assortment of business cards... right? :)

Henry shows off my new business card

Remember that Hey Love isn't just about parties. I can design print goods for business and personal use. More on that coming soon. :)