DIY Party Decor: Votive Covers

When I put together Nancy's Sex and the City themed bachelorette party, I had a budget to work with. Some items I splurged on, so I made sure to balance that out by some crafty do-it-yourself ideas to save money. One of my crafty ideas was to make votive covers. As cute as some candle holders are, sometimes it's too expensive to justify the cost. Or you have a very specific look that you want that you can't find it anywhere in stores or online.

The best part is when the DIY version looks better than something you can find in store!

Personal touches with engagement photos of the bride and her groom

To make the covers, buy a few sheets of vellum paper, which is slightly transparent and comes in many colors. This can be found in the craft or scrapbooking section of most stores. For this project I picked an off-white vellum paper with a bit of sparkle in it.

Find a pattern of your choice online. I used Pattern Cooler which offers tons of seamless backgrounds and you can customize the colors and size of the pattern for free. Depending on the size of the pattern you decide to use, you may have to open up Photoshop or a similar program to "fill" a page worth of pattern. I chose a brocade design and because my printer can freak out with color-heavy print jobs, I decided to keep the colors light.

Print your design out on the vellum paper. You may need to let the ink set for a bit to avoid smearing. Once the ink is try, cut your paper to your desired size. I decided to keep the covers tall, so I kept it as is.

Take some double-stick tape and apply it to an edge, and curve your vellum around into a tube. Press and viola! You're done. Place your votive, or any sized candle, in the cover.

When I set this up, I was a little paranoid it would catch on fire, but only because the surface I set it up on was uneven. You can also place your candle inside a glass holder, and then put the vellum around it.