Nancy and the City

Remember that secret project I hinted at last week? I can finally share all the details now that the event has passed. Well, the safe for work details anyways. ;) What was this secret event?

Nancy and the City logo

The Occasion: Bachelorette Party for my cousin Nancy The Theme: Sex and the City

When Nancy's sister Dani asked me to help out with the decor, I was more than honored to apply my party hostessing geekery to the occasion as well take part in the festivities. Dani came up with the Sex and the City theme since Nancy is a huge fan. My job was to take that theme and run with it.

Then I saw these.

These vases were my inspiration

I loved them. Stylish, sophisticated, and classy, just like Nancy. I decided to use these as my design inspiration. As fun as pink/black or red/black themed parties are, I wanted something different. Jewel tones. Sexy. Bling. I had a lot of fun with this and was thrilled that Nancy enjoyed the decor (and had an awesome night overall).

Nancy and the City

Personal touches with engagement photos of the bride and her groom

Nancy and the City

Nancy and the City

Bride bling

It isn't Nancy and the City without some cocktails!

The bachelorette!

This theme could also be used for a bridal shower,  birthday party, or a girls' night.

Congratulations, Nancy! Can't wait for your big day.