Making Pretty Necklaces + Hosting a Craft Party

Hey Love Designs | Host a Craft Party & Make Pretty Necklaces

Hi friends! Confession time. I’m a little obsessed with craft parties. A few years ago back in Virginia I attempted to host “Craft Ups” but it was tough to actually make happen. Now that I’m in California I keep talking about how I want to host craft parties but these days I’m willing to settle […]

Crafty Hodge Podge + Snapchat!

From paper to canvas, Michelle's first attempt at hand-lettering on a canvas | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends!   It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of the craftiness I’ve been up to outside of my blog. If you want even more, follow me on Snapchat at msmichelle82. I’ve gotten into the habit of sharing step by step progress as well. Oh and a billion snaps of my dog. The photo […]

Happy National Watermelon Day! + Free Printable

Happy National Watermelon Day! | Hey Love Designs

Hi friends! I’m a little obsessed with watermelon. I probably buy at least one personal watermelon every week and if I don’t it’s watermelon popsicles or lemonade. Summer doesn’t help, because when it’s hot, all I want is to eat watermelon. I could probably eat a whole one in one sitting. When I heard there […]

In California, Where’s It’s Summer All the Time!

See Summer Better With Warby Parker | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! A few weeks ago I was at a photo shoot for work and we were finding ways to get my coworker’s daughter to smile. M said “Hey, A. Remember the phrase? ‘We live in California now, where it’s…” and A responded “summer allll the time!” with a big fat grin on her face. […]

Hey Love Designs is FIVE! Plus a Giveaway!

Hey Love Designs Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Thank you to everyone who entered! You GUYS! I can’t believe that it’s been five years since my family and friends encouraged me to share my talents with the world and start Hey Love Designs. It began as a way to stay creative in such a boring and mindless job. It […]

Get Crafty! Painted TOMS

Painted TOMS | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends! I just returned from my first Coachella! It was definitely insanely fun but I can’t tell you how much I was stressing about what to wear! It’s intimidating as I’m not at all fashionable (I’m more of a “comfy casual with pops of color” gal). But more important that what outfits to wear were what […]