Moving to Paper Organization – Introducing my Kikki K. Planner!

My Kikki K Planner | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends!

Before we dive into today’s post, I want to say CONGRATS to Lauren for winning the Hey Love Designs Birthday Giveaway! Lauren, I have emailed you for more details. Thank you to everyone who participated and celebrated with me. I can’t wait for the big FIVE next year!

Now, onto organization!

My Kikki K Planner | Hey Love Designs

For the past several years I have heavily relied on my Google Calendar. I love having it pulled up on my computer and I love that I can refer to my phone for a quick look. Every single happening – birthdays, events, bills, fitness, etc – goes into my Google Calendar. I ditched the paper planner long ago once I learned I could access my life on my phone and computer.

But lately, things have gotten really difficult. I now have a job where I have multiple meetings and events in a day. Pole classes and private lessons and parties. Attempting to track my fitness plans. Blogging somewhere in space. Plus when the iPhone changed the calendar layout sometime last year, it got more difficult to just glance at my plans.

Then I decided to seek out the good ol’ paper planner. I actually do like being able to scribble notes and just open a book to see all my plans laid out. Throw in my love of doodling, and you know where I’m headed.

My Kikki K Planner | Hey Love Designs

I did my research.

I sought out Erin Condren and Whitney English planners but I wanted something I could use for more than a year if I was going to spend a lot of money. I also knew I wanted to be able to see a week across two pages. I even went as far as attempting to DIY my own but it was a disaster (yes, I am not always good at DIY projects!).

Finally I decided to bite the bullet and order a Kikki K. planner! Kikki K. is based out of Australia but their designs are Swedish inspired. And obviously, I did my research to see how others were liking their planners as well as how they were using it.

I was sold.

My Kikki K Planner | Hey Love Designs

Once I get better acquainted with my planner I’ll talk about how I’m liking it. I’m excited to show you how I decorate my planner once I get into a groove of how I want to organize everything. For now, here’s a peek at what I did for May! (PS, it’s gonna be May!)

It looks like I have a lot of fun stuff going on. I’ll also continue to track all my life happenings in my Google Calendar – both as backup to my planner and so I can look at it on the go if my planner isn’t handy. Plus how do you stop using your Google Calendar after depending on it for years and years?

Do you use a paper or digital planner, or both? How do you best stay organized?


  1. Marcy Davenport says

    both. A Google calendar is a must with a family of 4 (or 5 if you include the need to know if my mom’s busy too) to keep track of but I need paper to plan out the minutia of daily life and keep track of dumb details. I like a yearly one – just a 8x10ish Gallery leather from B&N – and a color-coded system of pens. I may steal your washi tape idea though!

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