Get Crafty: Washi Tape Clipboard

Get Crafty! Washi Tape Clipboard | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends!

I’m starting to get more settled into my new job and while that means less time working on Hey Love Designs, I’m still itching to be crafty!

One thing we all use a lot in my new office is clipboards. I know there are a ton of cute ones out there (I even consulted my friends to see where they got theirs) but in the end I did what I always do, attempt to DIY one. (Then buy one if it doesn’t pan out, haha.)

I knew right away that I wanted to use washi tape because it’s the easiest way to decorate anything. Just tape, tear, and press down on the edges. Boom. Instant upgrade to anything.

Get Crafty! Washi Tape Clipboard | Hey Love Designs

I don’t really have much of a tutorial for you because it really is that easy. Just pick out an assortment of washi tape and apply it to your clipboard. You can do straight lines or go a little crazy. The above blue and green one is the first version I made. It ended up peeling a lot because the edges of the tape were near the edge of the board. I also didn’t seal it with anything, so after a week, a lot of tape ends were sticking out.

Washi Tape from Cute Tape | Hey Love Designs


After I bought a ton of washi tape from Cute Tape, I decided to redo my clipboard and make it more secure. This time I started the tape on the clip side of the board and wrapped it all the way around. This time I went with a more crazy pattern vs trying to get super straight lines. The key is not to have the tape ends be anywhere you regularly touch the board (aka the sides and back).

When I was done I sealed the board with Mod Podge matte spray. Since then my board has not peeled.

Here’s the back of the board, all secured. Look how pretty!

Get Crafty! Washi Tape Clipboard | Hey Love Designs


This is a great cheap project too. The clipboard was about $2 and even though each washi tape roll ran from $2-5, the total cost of the project is around 5 bucks. You can’t beat that! Plus you get to make it the color you want.

Have you DIY’d any office products? I think I will attack my pens with washi tape next.


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