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Washi Tape from Cute Tape | Hey Love Designs

Hi Friends!

Have you ever had to tweak the way you to do things to be more efficient? I’m starting to get into the groove with the new job but with the potential for late nights at the office or evening events, my time working on Etsy orders isn’t nearly as predictable. I also have found that I might be sending orders to my printer 4 days in a row which isn’t very efficient plus I ended up with so many more deliveries that they could have packaged together.

I can’t tell you what days I am available to work on orders after my day job, but here’s what I decided to do:

  • Once a proof is approved by the client, orders will be sent to my print service on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • Once that order has been received by me, I will then ship it to the client on the next Monday or Thursday.

Hopefully this will help me manage orders better, allow my print service to bundle orders into one package, and also make the mail pick up process a lot easier on my mail man.

I’m sure this post is only useful to me, but I geek out when I find a way to make my life a little easier! Anyone else the same way?

* * *

In other news, don’t you love all the washi tape I bought from They’re so much fun an expensive! I’m looking forward to sticking them all over everything.


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    Honestly, part of me wonders if there is a market for me to go all kung-fu on some small business @ss, using my mad Lean Six Sigma skillz to whip entrepreneurs into kaizen shape. Then I remember what a pain taxes are as a 1099 employee,and say “screw it!”

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