How to “Treat Yo’self” This Valentine’s Day

Hi Friends!

Whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo this Valentine’s Day, there’s a really simple way to enjoy the holiday. Treat yo’ self!

I’ve been single for nearly every Valentine’s Day so I’ve learned to just embrace the holiday. There’s no bitterness, no scorn, no negativity. I treat Valentine’s Day as a day to just take care of ME. Sure, I can do this any day of the year (same goes for those coupled up) but why not take advantage of a day of love to love myself? I usually treat myself to a sweaty workout (usually dance based), sushi lunch or dinner, light shopping, and some DVR catching up. That may seem lame to some people, but that’s how I enjoy spending the day.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s also great to just reconnect. Again, you can do this any day of the year, but why not Valentine’s Day too? I’m not saying you need to do anything grand like dinner at the fanciest restaurant. Even a quiet dinner at home with your boo sounds perfect to me. The point is that you’re spending time with someone you love. Yes, that includes Nico!

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And don’t forget your loved ones! It’s a great day to tell your family and friends that you care. Last year I sent Valentine’s Day cards to my bestest friends. This year I’m sending them as part of a snail mail exchange. Just that extra little something goes a long way. When I had more single friends, we would go out to dinner together to celebrate our friendship. Even my married friends said they’d prefer to hang out with their girlfriends than with their husbands, haha!

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day no matter how grand or small? Tell me about it!


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    Boo and I are celebrating! Headed to Baltimore for the night- probably just hang at the aquarium and go to dinner. Just a nice night away to enjoy ourselves.

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    I love celebrating Valentine’s Day with EVERYBODY I love, not just my wife :) Growing up, my parents and brother and sister and I would all get each other gifts and have a little party together. It’s fun to celebrate all kinds of love <3

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